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We are also contributing to changing world by changing the way the world learns. Today learners depend on the latest technology like Tablets and Smartphone.

Trends like virtual learning, e-learning and mobile learning are changing the way we learn with focus on customer interactive session.

mlearning m-learning mobile learning providers

M-Learning Solutions

Our mobile learning solutions provider helps you take learning to a whole new level with innovative and interactive learning and teaching tools.

mlearning m-learning mobile learning providers

Why Reignsys?

We implement the right solution for your right requirement with the help of our consultants.

» Learning Consulting
» Interactive Courses
» Custom Mobile Solutions


As mobile learning solutions provider, we're excited to provide you with interactive courses that fit your learning requirements while engaging your learners. We provide mobile-based and web-based M-Learning programs for schools, colleges, universities and corporate to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

» Thorough analysis, measuring and information gathering
» Implementation strategy and planning
» Pre & Post implementation training
» Powerful course creation system