Business Process Outsourcing

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If you are looking for a new source of innovation, efficiency, & competitive advantage, you can choose Reignsys as means to achieve these goals by outsourcing your business to us.

Security @ Outsourcing

Security is the essence of outsourcing. We understand the importance of security related to outsourced projects, hence we provide more secure working environment to protect your data.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In today’s demanding world RPO is considered as a comprehensive approach where you can either outsource a part or full responsibility of managing the recruitment process of your organization to Reignsys.

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For RPO we offer services depending upon your requirement. Our services include searching candidates from our internal databases, job sites, posting open positions ads on job boards & sites, resume screening, candidate screening, response handling, skills testing, communication testing and setting up technical and non-technical interview.

Why Reignsys

» When you choose Reignsys to help you with your outsourcing needs, you get a partner that serves your organization in achieving your goals.
» We focus on your distinctive capabilities. You'll gain access to best-in-class skills and capabilities to lower your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing is more than a cost-saving mechanism. Smart decision-makers know that outsourcing is a powerful business tool to reduce cost, as well as to drive business value into their enterprises.

Better Performance

Performance is one of the major issues for business to be ahead in the competitive work environment that can be solved by using this powerful business tool.

An Efficient Tool

Outsourcing is an efficient tool to make more efficient use of personnel, capital, technology and resources.

Pre-Screened Candidates

Through our existing skils and efficient recruiting process, we can drive significant volumes of sourced and pre-screened candidates into your hiring process.