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    Reignsys offers affordble Software solutions and focus on developing cost-effective and easily deployable solutions that have small footprints. We provide fast solutions to your requirements that are easy to implement.

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    Reignsys is one of the leading Testing Service provider in the Information Technology market. We enable other service organization to deliver a superior customer experience by ensuring high quality of systems, reducing ROI, and minimizing thier Testing efforts.

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    "Be productive anywhere" keeping this in mind we develop Mobile applications that allow enterprise's employees to be productive anywhere, using any device. We build applications that increase business efficiency and expand revenue opportunities through mobilization.

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    Our Consulting Services focus on your most critical part of business to give you better solution. Our in- depth domain understanding enables our clients the flexibility to excel in the dynamic business environment and save management time in dealing with business practices and financial considerations.

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We believe Quality Assurance & Software Testing is an important, but underappreciated phase in software development lifecycle, hence to build a better application it is required to have a team of good QA & Testing.

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We understand Automation Testing is not easy but we have ability to automate your applications to improve & speed up your automation efforts with our low cost testing consultants.

Whether you are developing a small application or big enterprise software, we can deliver the right testing solution as per your requirement.

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We understand that initial setup cost is high for automation testing but in the long run it can reduce the cost and speed up your testing cycle.
To know more,

Our consultants have worked with the most popular test automation tools in use today including:

Automation Testing Tools

» HP-Quick Test Professional (QTP)
» HP- Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
» Ranorex
» Selenium

Test Management Tools

» HP- Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)
» HP- Quality Center (QC)
» Mercury-Test Director
» Microsoft-Test Manager

We think there is always one more way of testing an application and we follow the same strategy while performing manual testing.

 Top testing Companies, testing firm At Reignsys, we strive to ensure that you get what you have imagined with the help of our expert testing professionals. We wish every application to be the best it can possibly be, and we try all possible way to achieve this.

Is the application functionally fit and ready to release? If such question arises in your mind then we believe you are at right place, feel free to get in touch with us.

We can help you to get rid of above question and below problems:
» Unavailability of skilled testing professionals
» Unclear idea of different functions and how they affect other functionality
» Unclear idea about testing methodology and processes.

So do not look further for your next testing partner, Reignsys will help you to achieve your testing needs.

Our Testing Competency

» Web Apps, Mobile Apps & eCommerce
» API & Database
» SAP Technology

We have expertise to assist with

» Functional Testing
» Regression Testing
» Exploratory Testing
» User Interface Testing

Mobile Testing

In today’s world mobile is in demand, almost 65% of the world’s population has access to mobile devices, thus mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular.

But whenever you think about mobile apps this question arise in your mind “how to ensure the quality and performance of apps across cross platform?”
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We at Reignsys help you to get rid of such questions, we understand mobile device users have high expectations for their application's UI & performance, keeping this in mind we test your mobile apps and provide the quality metrics that help you to deliver the user experience that your customers expect.

API or Application Programming Interface helps to communicate and data exchange between two separate software applications.
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Since API contains functions/sub-programs and concentrates on the business logic it is very important to test the flow/exchange of data and application response.

Our simple way of performing API testing is based on our FURC rule
Functionality: Does it work as expected?
Usability: Is it easy to use and test?
Reliability: Is it reliable? Does it work repeatedly?
Creativity: Can it be tested in new way?

Feel free to choose Reignsys to discuss your testing testing requirements.

Why Reignsys

» We follow our FURC rule
» Multiple choice of testing tools
» Independent of technologies
» Skilled & dedicated resources
» Good ROI and thus POM
» Ability to work in Agile environment
» Ready to use automation framework

Tools & Technologies

Our consultants have worked with the most popular Mobile & API tools in use today including: » Postmang
» Spoon
» Perfecto
» HP Mobile Center